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Wooden Crating

Protecting & Positioning Businesses


Sin Chew specialised in design and build production for a wide variety of boxes in all sizes, shapes, and quantity. We custom-made boxes to fit your need, build to MIL-SPEC requirements, or fabricate in accordance to your blueprint.
With the vast experience, flexibility and creativity of our production team, we can:
1. Design and build box according to your needs.
2. Construct box in accordance to drawings or sample provided.
3. Fabricate box to improve existing design or functionality.


You can choose from our wide range of products:
Full Plywood Case ….
• Normal Plywood Case  
• Reusable Shipping Box 
• Shock Absorbing Base 
• Customised Design Shipping Box 
• Wooden Case or Crate 
• Wooden Pallet 
We take orders of any size, shape, and quantity. Be it one or in bulk.
Single units to Volumes in the thousands
Simple case or pallet to Sophisticated structural designs
Lightweight pallet to Gigantic and heavy duty shipping base
Wooden case to Metal structures
Traditional square box to Irregular shaped shipping box
One time export use to Re-usable shipping box
We await new challenges, and look forward to working with you.